We are gamers.
Our artists make games, play games, understand games.



  • Fast scalability
  • Art direction
  • Pipeline creation
  • Not only outsourcing:
    We extend your team remotely.
  • Competitive costs with high value artists:
    The cost is low, the value is high.
  • Fast onboarding: We save your deadline.

We believe in the magic of little things!

How Do We Do It?

Our Mission

We promote a culture of “CUSTOMER-CENTRICITY”.

We work to build value together with our clients. We know that we exist because of them and that our growth will only be possible together with them.

We put all our energy at your service and we seek to overcome the centrality of the client by defining ourselves as “DETAIL-CENTRIC”, because the details of our clients are our challenge.

We believe in the magic of little things!


About Us

Berkana is a rune (symbol of the Viking alphabet) that represents the enigmas of hatching and coming into the world. It also refers to the concept of fertility, birth and growth.

Anticipate pleasant results and the coming of fruitful events and business relationships.

At 3 Little Berkana we embrace this philosophy of fertility and growth. We trust in our ability to create. We have the talent to incubate new ideas and transform them into design for our clients.